Tom Ferro

Tom Ferro, real name Thomas Falkner, was born November 27th 1992 in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Thomas started playing the piano at a young age and after a few years his playing skills evolved into a passion for music production.Thomas started out producing mainly hiphop in the first years of his career. A friend of his had send out some demo’s to “Big2 (The Opposites)”, and from that day on Thomas’s career as a hiphop producer going by the name of “SABeats” started. Through “The Opposites” Thomas build up a lot of musical contacts and eventually he signed a publishing deal at TopNotch/Universal Music.SABeats has done many productions for a lot of different artists in The Netherlands. He produced tracks for Sjaak on his “StrijderSysteem” album and has worked with many other well known artists in The Netherlands. One of his most recent projects was producing a soundtrack album for the movie “Wolf”. Along with rappers Appa and Sjaak, Thomas has produ ced a complete album containing 11 tracks that were all featured in the movie.From the first day of producing hiphop Thomas had noticed that he could not get all his musical inspiration into a hiphop beat, mainly because the melody lines he came up with were more suitable for a house music production.Recently Thomas decided to expand his musical vision and started producing electronic and progressive house.He made his first progressive house track late 2013, which was well received by many people in the music.


Hailing from Rethymno Greece, Loukas Damianakos, commonly known as “Damluke”, is a talented Producer/DJ striving for greatness through his music. Αccomplished in the Electro/House as well as Progressive House genres, 20 year old Loukas has already managed to achieve fame for his mashups despite his young age. Ultimately hoping to become a vital part of the EDM Global Scene, he puts great effort in not only performing but also producing and refining his music. The means towards his goal; the ever-changing “Damluke” sound he expects to be considered as a personal signature for each of his releases and productions.


According to Lexenn’s idea, music is an expression of energy, the most powerful sensation a man can feel and one of the best ways of sharing power among humans. Lexenn is an artist with reflexive and strange personality. What he tries to express with his music is the world inside him, having the aim to create emotions and transmit energy. That’s why his music is different.






Mad Doxx

Over the last couple of years DJ Rob and MC Jeff joined forces in what has now become MAD DOXX. This new Dutch producer/DJ duo is ready to get you mad, throwing their fat bassline electro and EDM tracks MAD DOXX style. All you need for a next level party.

Hope to see you all soon around clubs and festivals. Please feel free to contact us for more information and booking details

Zarella & IceWell

Progressive House / Electro House Producers from Italy Raffaele Zarrella aka “Zarrella” 21 years old and Giacomo Caputo aka “IceWell” 18 years old.

Already supported by:
– Blasterjaxx
– Joey Dale
– Juicy M
– Simon De Jano
– Djs from mars
– Emrah Is
– Jay Cosmic
– Provenzano Dj
and many more


After changing his name from DJ Gatplay to CREATEK in November 2013, Createk could reach first entries in different radio chartlists with his song “Down The Road”. On a german web-radio station he won the title “Upcoming Talent May 2014”.
2014 was a year FULL of free downloads and first chart entries. Together with the swiss producer Noside he made it with their hit “Burst” on the #1 spot on livingelectro and on #3 in the Electro House charts on The track was played in different clubs and radio shows worldwide, reached over 20.000 Downloads in only a few days and is still available as free download on Nosides & Createks soundcloud pages. Very soon after their track “Burst” a new collab, named “Festival” was released.
Also Createk produced in summer 2014 the instrumental for irish singer Les Callard. Together with their collaboration “Cast Your Eyes Down” they made it again on #8 on livingelectro.
With his song “Euphoria” Createk signed a contract for the swiss charting label “5HOWTIME MUSIC”. But this is not the only label on Createks list of “first labels” – in summer 2014 he founded his complete OWN label Ignited Records, which still exists today.
Not many live gigs, but more time to produce more music and learn new stuff. In October 2014 Createk released his first Album as free download, including 11 tracks.

Supported by:
Fedde Le Grand
Erick Morillo
Abel Ramos
DJ Shwann
Shlomi Levi & Suiss
Steve Omen
& many more…

“I will never stop learning! I will never stop doing! I will never stop respecting and loving every genre of music! I am a spontaneous person – prepare for a lot of stuff to come in the future. When you are dealing with me you have to expect a journey, full of surprises… “


B&P were born on 22/06 and 16/08 in 1997. Their passion for  music came out at the age of 10. When they grew up, they started working together in clubs and discos, and since that time they never split up and continuing working as a team! At the age of 13 they started to produce with FL Studio, inspired by their big heroes in the Music industry like Hardwell, Blasterjaxx, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, W&W and many more! When they started to put their tracks online, they started to grow some support by names like: Juicy M, Junkie Kid, Dave Till, Will Sparks, Timmy Trumpet, Bobby Puma, Joel Fletcher, Arston, Krewzell, SWEDE DREAMS, Flatdisk, Domeno, Mikey Salerno, Anderblast and many More!

Bjorn V

Bjorn Valken better known as Bjorn V, was born 29th of June 1990 in Spijkenisse (The Netherlands). His name has established itself the past few years in the House-scene, with a style, what he likes to call “Quality House Music”. With influences of Tech and Progressive house referring his style. With full support from Vato Gonzalez and other artists he is half responsible for the tracks Maison Croyable & Endurance, which were released 21st of May 2012 at Crowd Control. These tracks were supported by international artists like the Bingoplayers and Laidback Luke. Bjorn V has gained a lot of experience the past few years when it comes to DJ’ing and producing. Started in local bars and clubs, he has made his way through bigger international and national bookings such as; Starbeach (Greece), Brothers Bunnik (NL), The Matrixx Nijmegen (NL), just to name a few. Bjorn V is definitely here to stay. 


Manuel Morano

Manuel Morano, was born April 25th 1996, in the city of Vibo Valentia, Italy. Manuel started to play the guitar at a young age and after a few years his skills evolved into a passion for music production. Manuel started out producing mainly house tracks in the first years of his career. In 2013 he began to produce tracks in different styles like Electro-House, Progressive House, Big room, Deep House and Groove. Now it’s time to release and make sure the world gets to know Mr. Morano!


Nick Milardi

Nick van Loenen, better known as Nick Milardi was born on April 21th 1998 in a small village based in the southern region of The Netherlands. At the age of 13, Nick bought his first dj controller and started playing with it but, after a year he started focusing more on producing his own music. The first couple of years Nick was focusing on developing his own sound, getting better and learning new things.

In the summer of 2013 Nick produced a track called ‘Banger’ which he has send to a label called Wolfrage Recordings. With the help of that label, Nick’s first release ever was a fact! On January 13th 2014 his track ‘Banger’ came out on all major digital stores. In February 2014 Nick went to Dancefair in Utrecht (The Netherlands) where labels such as Revealed Recordings and Armada are open to listen to demo’s by thousands of other young producers. The feedback on Nick’s tracks were very good. Later that day Nick met a label called Brasa Music, and they were very interested in his music and called him a really talented producer. On July 8th  the follow up for ‘Banger’ was released on Brasa Music and on September 26th his second track came out on Brasa Music, this time it wasn’t a solo track but a collaboration with Davonta. In August 2014 Nick came in contact with Vireggs Records by sending them two demo’s. In the end Vireggs Records liked both demo’s but Nick send them a brand new track which was better than his previous demo’s. That track was ‘Triangles’, it was Nick’s very first release on Vireggs Records and not the last one. Now that his producer career is going well, his dj career also go’s better. On December 20th Nick was asked to play at Serious Request and do a live interview for radio and television.



Might Souls a.k.a. Martijn Valk and Robert van Sasse van Ijsselt where founded in May 2015 in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherland.

Martijn started deejaying 22 years ago with club, progressive, hardcore and trance and the last 10 years with hardstyle and electro music. He played on local parties, several dj contests and on Zentec with Ruthless, A-lusion and Panic and on Seuterdance with DJ Rob and MC Joe.

Robert started deejaying 8 years ago with electro music. He played on local parties, serval clubs,dj contests and recently in spain.

In May 2015 they combined there interest in electro music and started producing electro / progressive music. There first track “ Biatch “ was released on the 16th of october on Vireggs Records.

There music is an combination of big kicks, melodic breaks and nice drops. At the moment they are working on there second track with own write lyrics and a female vocalist